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Do you need help with your resume?    Are you looking for a more professional appearance on paper?    We can help.





Resume Critique is a service we now offer for just a low $ 99.99!


If your resume is lacking expression, work experience in detail, attractive details about your experiences, or a professional appearance, we can assist you. 

 In today's competitive world your resume is looked upon to be at its best; it's looked upon first. You want to make the best first impression. We can help you adjust and or completely renew your resume style.  You will be able to see a difference right away. Your resume will turn out impressive, professional and stylish. Any employer who looks at your resume will likely want to see you as a potential employee. Your resume will keep the employers interested to read it entirely and not past it up due to non-sufficient information on your talents. We will work with you on creating the resume from details of your past and current expertise. We will take the information you submit and parse it onto your resume for you in a most professional manor; you'll be totally satisfied, we will help you to look your best on paper.  

This is a great service that many of our candidates are taking advantage of.  You are under no obligation to accept this offer from our WSUSA Staffing agency to apply for any job in our database. We simply offer the Resume Critique as an additional assistance to any candidate who's looking to obtain employment from our recruiting efforts. If you would like to use the service on an existing resume or to get started with it on a new resume; we will be awaiting to assist you with this valuable service.

At WSUSA Staffing Agency/ We look forward to working with you and being of assistance.